Bangkok (BKK) to Paradise aka: KOH Samui (USM)


Check in and boarding was smooth; especially with the boarding card available on your app. I was shocked to find a full service onboard Bangkok Airways considering the reasonably priced ticket.
We chose our seats online leaving a gap between us hoping that no one would prebook a middle seat and thankfully this worked giving us much more space.


On arrival we went through the cutest aerodrome on this side of the world. Bags arrived and we choose to use a group taxi that costs 300bht per person; that dropped us right at the front door of our resort. You can take your own private taxi for 700bht as an additional option.


By the way, I find tipping in Thailand not necessarily to be needed. If you feel it is deserved; ensure you do the “cash hand shake” directly to your waiter/ress. Then it’s up to them to share the tip or not. (This also plays well in getting better tables next time or a better alcoholic drink from the bar) Family owned places the “money handshake” is not needed and you can hand it to a kid or grandma / leave in receipt books without worry.



I had payed via PayPal before arrival and since we checked in we haven’t been bothered since really (could be the fact that we spend on average the same price per night at the bar as what a week costs at this beach resort). So we have worked out 7-11s and Thai Wiskey is cheaper.

The Moonhut Bungalows are a group of beach side tourist or backpackers huts that has room rates to suit all budgets. I am blesse that I have travelled the world during my twenties staying in 5* hotels; but I gaurentee I would choose this paradise over them all.

The owner John introduced himself in the first night and invited us to join him and his friend at the “Captains” table which we thought was very kind.  Sadly we had to decline as we had been up since 3am travelling and the happy hour cocktails were inducing sleep on us.

Ahhhh sleep. I’m doing a lot of this here!

Our hut is fully air conditioned with basic amenities. If you need a hair dryer you better bring it along. The shower is electric and the bathroom follows the same standard practice as you find on other islands around the world. When you poop, jetty wash, dry and bin. Or you will have not so pretty surprise later when your drains back up.

The resort has an on-site restaurant with cheap freshly cooked food and plenty of coconuts to feast on. I don’t think anyone has starved to death in Thailand. Quite frankly it’s like walking in to a Tesco Lotus and starving to death; it’s never going to happen.


Ok I’m bush wacked and off to bed.

Ale xxx


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KOH SAMUI…..are you ready for the DEVINE JOURNEY BOYZ?

So here I am at the crack of dawn, racing at 100 kilometres per hour towards Bangkok international; in a bright pink taxi! How very aptly done I secretly thought to myself. 
It’s been a great stay here in Bangkok and we even got tweeting with our favourite YouTube Travel Thailand bloggers; (checkout @8milesfromhome) who helped us cut the fat off this 5 day trip
Today we are flying with Bangkok Airways PG103 code shared with British Airways to the beautiful island of Ko Samui. The flight time is 1 hour on a modern A319 aircraft. 

Can’t wait to reach our accommodation. Ohh dear, must run. They have just called our names out; not sure telling the gate assistant I am late because I am blogging. 💕🛫🙈💕. P.S: I saw this really cool airport transfer bus. Totally up my street! Lol. Also Camden Foods. You can take the boy out of Camden as the saying go’s. 😂

Afternoon Tea Sir?

Hilton Hotel: THE LANTERN. These cakes are insane. Big thank you to @8milesfromhome and their Vlog on YouTube who having watched them; in the preparation process for this trip, have given us the best places without all the hard work of thinking for ourselves. 💕💕🍰🍰🍪🍺

BOI ohh Boy Town!

When the dakness falls in Bangkok the loneliness go’s. Especially here in Boytown. Sitting in a Drag Show bar is pretty standard across the world, with lip syncing, questionable make up and 80’s classics of Madonna being the main artist of choice to dance along too; however there is one thing you can’t say is here…..

Nah, I’m wrong and it’s all here for you and your POUNDING PINK POUND